We are a new program that will develop into a premiere travel program in southeastern Wisconsin.  The 10u team will be made up of players from southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.  To be eligible for the 10u team a player may not be 11 prior to May 1, 2020.

Our team has been selected and we are very excited to welcome everyone aboard.  We have a fantastic group of multisport athletes that Coach Matt and I will be working diligently with over the next few years.  I couldn't be more excited to watch what these boys will become on the baseball field!  Over the next few months we will learn alot about our team and how to improve their games individually.  This is our first step so when we begin working next spring as a team each player will bring their gifts and we can learn to work as a team.

The first goal of the 10u coaches is to provide exceptional coaching that teaches the players all aspects of the game: pitching, fielding, and hitting mechanics, situational approaches, and the mental aspect of the game.  We believe in teaching the players how to handle failure in a positive way, as ​ the game of baseball is a failure sport: strikeouts happen, walks happen, errors happen, and even umpires make mistakes.  The second goal is to provide competitive baseball at a reasonable cost.  We want to provide a rigorous season that is budget friendly.  The third goal is to pass our joy and enjoyment of baseball onto the next generation.  

We believe in our players being multisport athletes and we want to provide opportunities for players to participate in other sports.  The upcoming year we are looking at the following for a schedule:

  • Fall - Sept 7 to Oct 19: Practice once per week and play one game.

  • Pre-winter: Jan 1 - Feb 15: Not mandatory, but begin throwing and swinging once per week. 

  • Winter - Feb 15 - Apr 1: This is a time for individual work with coaches, focusing on mechanics

  • Spring - Apr 1 to May 1: Outdoor practices & some scrimmage games.

  • Season - May 1 - July 31: League games, 6-8 tournaments, occasional practices.

​As these boys continue to grow and improve their game we feel it is essential to provide them with a strong structure to put them in the best situations for success!


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